CLF – Cooperative Leadership Forum for Emerging Leaders

DSCF1006For current and emerging leaders, employees and directors, this co-op emersion workshop emphasizes co-op education and leadership development across generations. The workshop includes tours of local cooperatives representing a variety of industries and structures.  It is key for emerging leaders to quickly understand the unique cooperative model, the importance of cooperative relationships with each member/owner, and how to manage a cooperative.

The conference is a multi-day, dynamic, hands-on learning experience that provides opportunities to interact with others with similar interests and goals.  Participants form teams and work together to develop a “mock” cooperative business plan.  This group project will clarify the subtle differences and advantages of cooperatives, as compared to private or investor owned companies.

Attendees experience day-to-day operations while visiting local cooperatives. These tours will add value to the overall learning experience, helping to create a more valuable and knowledgeable employee that excels in a broad based cooperative system. New and prospective directors will emerge better prepared to make informed decisions and understand their fiduciary role, to the members they represent.  New employees will appreciate a clear understanding of their unique cooperative and their relationship with the co-op’s member-owner-customer.  For an overview of the 2016 CLF, please click here:

What Do Attendees Gain From This Program?  Click on this link for a video showing comments from Rod Kelsay, Exec. Director/MACC:

Click on this link for program comments from Kevin Willour, CEO/Beacon Credit Union:  CLF Feature Story 

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