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MACC Membership Benefits

1.  MACC assists your cooperative and its’ employees, directors and members understand the cooperative business model, where the customer is the owner.

2.  MACC helps you understand how cooperative businesses function, across multiple industries.

3.  MACC membership demonstrates your commitment to co-op values, integrity and community concern, differentiating your business from competitors.

4.  MACC provides timely and relevant educational programs, on a local basis, making it easy for you to attend and fulfill your educational needs.

5.  MACC provides custom consulting services, with experience in various co-op sectors.

6.  MACC is an advocate and representative for cooperative businesses, willing to support your specific needs.

7.  MACC provides all members with access to the National Discount Program, provided by FCC Services.  Please click the following link for more information about the program NDP Program.  Please contact Pat McFarland at for more information.

Membership Categories

A.  Cooperative Members:

(1) Local or regional cooperative or corporation that operates on a cooperative basis;
(2) Regional or national organization of cooperatives

B.  Affiliate Members:

Any membership organization, council of cooperatives, trade association or mutual association that has cooperatives or cooperative members as a significant part of its membership – or has institutional policies and commitments that are supportive of cooperatives.  Affiliate Members pay voting member dues, in order to be eligible to become an Affiliate Member of the Council.

C.  Associate Members (non-voting):  Any other person not specified in (a) or (b) who is supportive of the Council’s mission and objectives and the cooperative method of doing business shall be eligible for Associate Membership in the Council.

To view our membership list, please click here: MACC Members Jan-2018

Please click here for a MACC Membership Application: MACC Membership Brochure

If you would like more information about becoming a MACC member, please complete the following contact form:

Attention MACC Members:

If you are a member of MACC, you will need to register on the home page of this website and obtain a USER ID and PASSWORD.  Once you have registered, you must login first and then you can sign up for our educational programs at the reduced member rate and receive any other member discounts/benefits that are available to you.

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